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Great UK home audio entertainment set-ups under £200


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Buying a home entertainment set-up gives you a fantastic improvement in your movie watching and music listening experience. The jump between standard speakers or a sound bar and these full set-ups is amazing and the extra immersion gained from technology like this makes it well worth the price. In this article we have researched great set-ups around priced under £200 and under £150. We’ve broken them down with the most important points to consider for your convenience.


Our pick – The greatest set-up under £200


LG BH4030S 5.1 with 3D Blu-ray

speakers under £200

This is by far the greatest we could find under £200. It has 330W of power so will fill the average sized room with loud audio. If you have a 3D television, the Blu-ray player can play 3D movies and can even convert 2D film and TV shows into 3D with brand new conversion technology! With HD upscaling, this set-up also boosts the quality of original content for a great upgrade.


The sound is extremely high quality and set-up is easy. With this  you can wirelessly share music and movies from your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile to come through the speakers and display on your television. You’re also able to plug in USB sticks and other portable devices for playback. With the LG smart system you gain a variety of modern apps and streaming services at your disposal such as Netflix and LoveFilm.


The package is whole with the LG media device acting as a reciever, 2 rear speakers, 2 front speakers, 1 center speaker and 1 powerful subwoofer for heavy bass sounds. Unlike many media devices, this LG device can play a huge number of file types such as MKV files which movies are often formatted in. This means you can be assured that it will play almost any video or audio you throw at it.  The HDMI connectivity ensures high quality digital video and audio.


The only downside we can see is that a HDMI cable will have to be purchased separately, but this is easily bought.


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The greatest 5.1 speakers under £150


Sony DAV-TZ140

indoor speakers for entertainment

With the HDMI image upscaling feature this set-up has, the original quality of DVDs, television shows and even online content is sharper and much more vibrant. This set-up has the latest Dolby codecs for sharp playback of many file formats. The 2 USB inputs allow you to connect your phone or other portable device via USB cable in order to play content through the speakers. All 5 rear, front and center speakers are included along with a subwoofer in this package.


With the 300 watt power these speakers have combined, the audio is sure to be loud and clean enough for the average sized room. It comes with a DVD player for use as a receiver, so a receiver doesn’t have to be purchased as an extra. The HDMI connections available make for high definition digital video and audio.


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