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Top rated entertainment system equipment reviews


Hello and welcome to our reviews of the top rated entertainment systems and receivers. Here we’ll show you the top 5.1 speaker packages around in relation to the quality of features they offer. These amazing pieces of technology add an incredible amount of enjoyment to music and movies and a great cinema feeling to your room. The difference between sound bars and a good set of complete entertainment speakers is astonishing.


We’ve reviewed systems in the $150 – $400 price range to ensure great quality while still being reasonably priced. Anything below $130 tends to be lacking in features or performance, while anything above $400 tends to be heading in a more top range direction. Therefore, we feel this is the optimal range to be looking in for a good entertainment set-up. Here’s our reviews.


Our top pick – a best seller for $150


Yamaha NS-SP1800BL

yamaha entertainment system


It’s no mistake that this is the number 1 best seller in the category of entertainment systems under $150. With 5 channels, including a center speaker that has it’s own mini woofers, all with magnetic shielding, this is a great buy. The subwoofer is 8 inches and 100 Watts, which should be powerful enough to add a great bass effect to any movie you watch. The speakers are crystal clear and will give your room the cinema feeling you’re likely looking for. You’ll require a separate receiver to power these speakers as shown below.


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Note: If you don’t have a receiver (also known as an amplifier) then we have recommended a good low priced one below to go along with this system. There are a few reviews stating the lacking bluetooth functionality of the receiver, but this will not be a problem for you as the system recommended above is wired, so doesn’t need bluetooth functionality.


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We recommend you stay above the $200 mark to ensure the receiver is of good, lasting quality. Also be sure that it’s able to support 5 channels and 1 subwoofer. Unless you already have your own receiver capable of powering this, or you buy a used one from somewhere, this complete package should total around $350. This is reasonable for a good quality, yet low priced complete system for your home.


Speakers out of stock? Try these instead

The best 5.0 system under $200


AV5HTB Dynamic 5.0 Channel


home theatre speakers under 200 dollars


This package comes with 5 fantastic powerful speakers including 2 rear, 2 front and a central one too. It doesn’t include a reciever or a subwoofer with the price so a reciever will have to be bought separately if not already owned, and a subwoofer is an optional extra. This doesn’t mean it should be overlooked however, the 5 channels are very well made and offer hcomigh performance which makes this worth consideration. Here are some of the highlights.


It features magnetically shielded front and center speakers to protect them from interference coming from other closely located devices. This is a great addition to ensure consistent quality audio while in use. With up to 100 watts RMS per speaker, these are sure to fill a large room with loud audio. The 18 gauge lead internal wiring reduces signal degradation and the MDF woof construction reduces cabinet resonance for clean and clear sound.


There are also keyhole slots to mount the speakers on walls if you’d like to do so and the modern finish looks great. With full lifetime parts and labor manufacturer’s warranty and customer support and its current discount, this is a great buy.




Another great 5.1 entertainment system under $150


FS-5010BT 5.1 speakers with Bluetooth & USB/SD


best home entertainment system


Straight off the bat, this compact set includes Bluetooth connectivity unlike most at this reasonable price. With this and the USB and SD card readers, you can play audio from devices like memory sticks, and mobile phones that contain all your music. You can also stream on your computer, tablet or mobile and have the audio come through the speakers with the Bluetooth connection up to 30ft away.


All of the speakers and the subwoofer are magnetically shielded to protect the audio signal from interruption by other external signals. The subwoofer has an LCD display which allows you to visually adjust the volume or equalizer settings and see the title of what’s currently playing. With 50 Watts RMS per speaker, this will be loud enough for the average room but may lack in volume large rooms if you want it to be very loud. As with most of the top entertainment deals at this price (apart from our top pick), this purchase doesn’t include a reciever.


It uses RCA connectors for analogue audio. This does not mean the quality is bad though, as you can read below in customer ratings the audio quality is outstanding. A great buy with all necessary cables included, a currently discounted price and 1 year warranty.


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